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FTCI is the compassionate home for financial healing. We recognize the inherent emotional experience in money and honor the real impact money has on our lives. We create financial healing through a collaborative team of financial therapists, counselors, and planners to help address the psychological barriers, relational challenges, structural needs, and numerical realities that are all part of the financial experience.


We also provide the training and skills that financial and mental health professionals need to help their own clients heal. We believe firmly that professionals with the skills and heart to see money holistically can make a difference for their clients. We accomplish this through both on-demand and live training to help professionals do their best work.


FTCI also values the progression of financial therapy as a field and believes research to be a key part of that progression. We use research to advance the field forward with clinical and longitudinal data.


Our greatest hope is to eliminate shame from the financial experience and drive money conversations and culture, personal and professional, to be holistic and human first.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality holistic care of money and to teach professionals to do the same.


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Everyone's choices made sense to them at one point. We value providing a space that is shame-free and judgment-free so you can feel safe as you learn to move forward. You are not your mistakes. We value creating safe spaces for you to explore your money experience more fully.

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Nothing happens in a vacuum, including your financial situation. We see that both your numbers and your emotions happen in greater societal, economic, and cultural landscapes. We value the systemic perspective on money and emotions.

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In the end, the thing we want most is for you to feel better about what is happening with your money and mental health. We trust you to be the expert on your life and will follow your lead if you say something is amiss in treatment. We value your input and believe your experience.

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We pride ourselves on being cutting edge with our approach to money, with decades of collective experience in financial therapy, financial counseling, and financial planning. We value evidence-based practices and skilled clinicians working with you in your healing journey.


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